I'm building a todo app

I've been itching to build a todo app for years, so this weekend I took the plunge and finally started building it.

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Tadas Petra

Todo apps are absolutely glorious. I love them.

I also have never found the perfect one. So this weekend I decided to finally start making that perfect todo app.

It’s not going to be some ground breaking app, but there are a few things that differentiate it from others.

  1. It’s super focused on what you have to do today. These should be immediate actions that you are going to take today. Not tomorrow or some random time in the future. Once you decide that this task is for today, you gotta do it today.
  2. Sometimes we overplan, so using a simple swipe you can move the task for tommorrow.
  3. There’s always more tasks than time to do them, so a backlog for not scheduled tasks is easily accessible.
  4. Extremely minimal. I don’t want any clutter showing up in this app.

The name of this app is going to be today. Because it’s fully focused on taking immediate action and getting things done.

Screenshots of the today app

The above is the current progress. I have most of the to do actions working. The big features that are left are the backlog and the date management system, as well as cleaning up a few small incovenciences.

For example when I go to edit a previous todo, I have to click an extra click for the keyboard to pop up.

Hoping to release this in a few days.

Visit the project: