Course updates are boring

Wrote most of the remaining code for the rest of the Astro Course

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Tadas Petra

I am not sure if I want to write about course updates, because most of them will probably be boring. Especially if the updates are about the course content that is being written or even more boring just editing the courses.

But today, I wrote out most of the remaining code for the course. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Astro DB Integration
  • Creating a Views counter for your website
  • Development vs Production DB
  • Seeding Development DB
  • Deploying Site using Vercel
  • Connecting Astro Studio
  • Updating project to use SSR
  • Removing getStaticPaths

This part of the course is definitely my favorite, because going through it you understand the concepts more deeply.

Anyways, it’s coming soon. There might not be many updates while I write the content.

Visit the project: