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The Ultimate Login System

With Riverpod and Firebase

Completed login system screenshots

In this experience we will build a robust yet simple login system with a fully functional error-safe login and sign up screen. The app we build in this lesson is a great starting point for any application which needs the user to login, and have access to the user information within the application.

The database we will be using is Firebase and it will be built with state management in mind, using Riverpod.

The special thing about this course is that it is built with the Hungrimind style of teaching of interactive and highly visual step by step lessons to guide you through the complete process of not just building the app, but understanding how to think like an expert Flutter developer. You can see an example of this in the video below, or keep scrolling for a demo.

Keep scrolling for a demo

That was the style of the experience, and each sections goes into detail on not only how to think as a Flutter developer, but the best ways to build applications that scale.

The Curriculum

  • Project Setup

    This section introduces the tools we will be using for this project, and some of the concepts needed like Providers.

  • Simple Authentication with Firebase

    We start the course by building a simple login system and going through all the basics of how users should log in using Firebase Authentication.

  • Authentication with Riverpod

    Then we move all the Authentication logic without our State Management sytem using the newest NotifierProvider from Riverpod, so that our app will react to any state changes,and show the appropriate page and content.

  • Data Storage with Riverpod

    Extend upon our State Management system by adding Firebase Firestore data, and making the app reactive to their current user state from Firestore.

  • Apple Sign In

    Extending the whole authentication and state management system to support Apple Sign In.


Here is what people are saying about the experience

The interactive course approach is something I've never seen for Flutter content before and I really like it.

I hate taking courses in general and if it contains 30h of content I am out.

Sadly I know most of this, but if I didn't I would 100% follow this in my own pace (which is faster than 30h btw)

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Robert Brunhage

Google Developer Expert for Flutter & Dart

Mobile Lead at Peggy

Straight-to-the-point information holds immense value in today's world. Hungrimind's interactive course offers value at supersonic speed.

Einstein's philosophy resonates here: 'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.'

This course embodies three words: Creative, Fast, and Valuable.

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